Parent Tool Kit

This Welcome Kit was developed by Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania’s Family Advisory Committee for all families who need assistance and encouragement along their own personal journey with a loved one. Questions about this guide can be answered by dialing your county’s VBH-PA toll-free number and ask to speak to someone in the Prevention, Education and Outreach Department.

VBH-PA Family Advisory Committee’s Navigating the System Subcommittee Letter to Parents

Navigating the System: A Parent Friendly Guide to Pennsylvania’s Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Service System

  1. Getting a Diagnosis for Your Child
  2. How to Apply for Medical Assistance
  3. Obtaining Services for Your Child
  4. Inter-Agency Service Planning Team Meeting (ISPT)
  5. After the ISPT Meeting
  6. Who Can I call for Help?
  7. Child and Adolescent Continuum of Care
  8. Get Organized
  9. Other Places to Look for Help
  10. Resource Order Form

Additional Resources

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